2017 Year in review. Dailyish Thoughts 0005

October 5, 2017
Dailyish 0005

Its October so it is time for the year in review!

We bought the farm two years ago on October first and every year we will be doing a year in review of what we have accomplished in the last year. So here we will be covering a variety of topics from animals to plants to techniques all tried this year. Some successful, some not so much. We talk about our experiences with:

American Guinea Hogs (hint: they got out)

The garden expansion

Mexican Sour Gherkins (these need to be in your garden next year!)

Black Vernissage Tomatoes

Ground Cherries

Strawberries and Raspberry WINS!

Greenhouse failure and Micro Greens

Why we didn’t add rabbit and quail like we wanted to and why quail is going to happen.


Have you had any great successes or failures this year? Share them below and lets chat about it! We would love to here from you and see what we can learn together! Below you can find a link to ourĀ  1 year on the Homestead review. Keep your eyes peeled for the year 2 coming soon!