Who are we and how did we get here?

Welcome to The Halfway Homestead! We thank you for your interest in our Homestead and our journey! We are a family of suburban transplants who moved out to the country. Our Homestead consists of myself (Len), my beautiful and brilliant wife Carissa and our boys Devin and James. Oh! There are a few animals as well! The guard dog Moose, our barn cat Hobbes and we also have 60+ ducks that currently provide our delicious eggs!

In 2013 we started to feel like we were missing something in our lives. My wife and I had corporate jobs that kept us away from home a lot. By the time we got home in the evenings it was a rush to get through homework and dinner before bedtime. Our weekends were filled with social gatherings and “relaxing”, but something was missing.

Through a long series of realizations we decided a change was in order. We needed a more traditional family unit. One where Carissa could stay home and be a more involved parent to our kids. A life where there was more family time on a daily basis, where we could forge better, more meaningful relationships with our kids. We also wanted our financial future to be more in our hands rather than the companies we worked for.

Keeping those goals in mind we started to make drastic changes in the way we looked at time, finances, food and our energy. After getting ourselves to a point where Carissa could quit her job and stay home to care for the family, we set out to find our own piece of paradise. We moved out to our homestead in October of 2015. From there it has been a roller coaster ride executing our short-term plans of quality family time and long-term plans of securing financial stability where we are in control.

We are working on turning nine acres of mountainside beauty into a regenerative and sustainable homestead that provides not only for our family but also for yours. Thanks for taking the time to learn about us! Feel free to send us a message or a question using the contact us page. You can learn more about us on our Youtube channel, on Facebook and on Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you!

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