Building community, intentionally. Dailyish Thoughts 0002

September 20, 2017

Welcome back Homesteaders! Today we talk about why it is so important to live intentionally and in doing so to build community.

Two years ago when we lived in the city we shared a small townhouse community with over 100 other families. In the four years we lived there we really truly got to know 3 of them. When we decided to move to the country we intentionally aimed to change that. We set out to get to know, on an individual basis, our close neighbors and those in our greater community.

The reasons we did this are fleshed out more completely in the video but the basic idea is that we felt there was something missing in our day to day life. We had plenty of folks we knew of, just very few that we truly knew. The kind of “knowing” that when someone is in need you know it before they even tell you. How can we possibly care for others when we dont know them? How can we share their successes and shortcomings?  We are meant to be part of something larger than our individual families. This is not to say to forgo your family in search of some other group! This is more along the lines of bring your family to others, share your life with them on more than a cursory level, be there when they need you before they even ask if possible.  Hope you enjoy and we would love your feedback and thoughts!