Lost our Bees, The Flag, our heart. Dailyish Thoughts 004

October 4, 2017
Bees, the Flag and our heart.

Our bee hive is dead and our heart is heavy.

We call this series the Dailyish Thoughts because it  is whatever is going on in our heart and mind at the time. With that said I’m going to be honest, this episode is kind of a downer. To start with our bee hive was attacked by another hive. Being first time bee keepers we did not notice when it was happening and therefore were not able to intervene. All of the resources they had built up was robbed and our hive was killed off.  Now there are some things we could have done if we saw the attack happening. Something as simple as a single piece of wood over the hive entrance with only enough space for two bees to get through might have saved the day. Overall the loss is tremendous as it feels like failure. We know that first year beekeepers fail often, but we wanted to be better. The bees are a major benefit and we WILL do it again next year. Its just our heart aches for the loss. It would have been nice to have the first year be successful and build on that.

The Flag is used as a scapegoat for our hearts.

On to the second part of this series we get into the topic of the current trend of kneeling for the National Anthem instead of standing and what is really going on the way I see it. I try very hard to critically think about what is happening in the news and see if it actually moves the barometer of what is happening in my life. If something does not effect me or my family directly I try to avoid it all together. This item though does seem to effect me in that folks I would call family are feeling pain on both sides of this issue. So I try to address what I think is going on, and how I try to deal with it within my circle of influence. This was a tough one, I look forward to your thoughts. Thanks for watching or listening.